Dr. Heller provides presentations for parents and professionals.


If you are interested in having him come speak, please contact the practice.


Here is a sampling of some of Dr. Heller's previous presentations:

Heller, C. (2019). Thriving Academically with ADHD, Executive Function Weaknesses, and Learning Disorders. Presented at CHADD/NAMI 

          Mental Health Resource Fair.

(2019) Heller, C., Price, J. & Geis, V. (2019). The College Years: Getting There, Staying There. Presented at WISER March luncheon.

(2018) Practical Executive Function Tools to Help You and Your Child "Get it All Done." Presented at Somerset Elementary School PTA           Meeting.

(2018) Chase, R., Gioux, T., Bass, J., & Heller, C. ADHD Experts Panel Presentation. Presented at CHADD DMV Resource Fair. 

(2018) Heller, C., Stern, J.,& Wiggins, S. Organizing Your Life with ADHD. Sponsored by CHADD of Montgomery County. 

(2018)Professionals Boot Camp Focused on Practical Strategies for Assisting Adults with ADHD. Three hour CE presentation through Aspire                   Counseling.

(2018) Getting the Most out of Testing: Why Testing Matters, Developing Related Study Strategies. Presentation at the Nora School's Parent Education Series. 

(2017) Heller, C., Sussman, C., & Bike, D. CHADD of Montgomery County: ADHD Transitioning into Adulthood from Middle School to            Age 30. 

(2017) Study Skills for Students with ADHD. Presented as part of Montgomery County, Maryland's Parent Academy Series. 

(2016) Executive Functioning Boot Camp for Parents. Presentation at Parent University.

(2016) Heller, C., Zametkin, A., Bulitt, J., & Broder, J. CHADD of Montgomery County Back-to-School Resource Extravaganza for Everything


(2016) Parenting For Independence: Realistic Expectations and Tools for Fostering Age Appropriate Autonomy from Kindergarten                  through High School. Presentation at the Auburn School’s Speaker Series.

(2016) Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit /Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Spring Brown Bag Presentation sponsored by                        CHADD.

(2015) Developing Study Skills for Students with ADHD. Presented as part of Montgomery County, Maryland’s Parent Academy                      Series.

(2015) “Where is my stuff? Strategies to Help Your Child Establish Organization Routines in School and at Home”. Presented at the              German School’s Parent Café.

(2015) Executive Functioning Boot Camp for Parents: Helping teens develop time management, organizational, and study skills for                 success.Presentation at the Nora School’s Parent Education Series.

(2014) Pet Assisted Therapy, Video Games, Active Games, and Other Tools That Enhance Traditional Psychotherapy. Presentation               at Collaborative Resource Network’s Speaker Series.

(2014) Interpreting Psychological/Psychoeducational Evaluations in Practice.Presentation at NASW-MD Annual Clinical Conference.

(2014) Time Management and Stress Reduction. Webinar presentation for Internal Revenue Service.

(2014) Heller, C., McAndrews, C., & Duyer, K. From Program to Placement:Navigating Special Education Services.Sponsored by                  CHADD.

(2014) Growing Up with ADHD. Presentation at the Nora School’s Parent Education Series.

(2014) Work/Life Balance and Time Management. Presentation at the Bethesda Chevy Chase (BCC) Chamber’s Next Execs Lunch               and Learn Series.

(2013) Bass, J., Heller, C., & Skinner, J. Transitions: How To Empower Students During Change. Presentation at the WISER October            2013 Luncheon.

(2013) Understanding and Interpreting Psychological Evaluations. Presentation at The Chelsea School.



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