ADHD/Executive Functioning Boot Camp  Telehealth Virtual Programs 

One-On-One or Small Group Sessions

Run by Carey Heller, Psy.D.

Executive functioning assistance with Dr. Heller


  • Original Boot Camp Session (two-hour private session)
  • Mini Boot Camp Session (one-hour private session)
  • Customizable Follow Up or Multi-appointment Boot Camp Sessions (private)
  • Small Group Boot Camp Session (Bring your own group)

ADHD assistance with Dr. Heller Bethesda Maryland
Teen study group


Have a child, teen, or young adult who is struggling with time management, organizational, and study skills?

Want them to improve these skills so that they can function more successfully in life as well as in school?


Dr. Heller’s executive functioning boot camp is intended to help children, teens, and young adults begin to develop or fine tune executive functioning skills (i.e., planning, organizing, task initiation) that are highly influential in school related items such as time management, organizational, and study skills. The more comprehensive approach and/or follow up appointments are intended to further support the development, implementation, and maintenance of executive functioning skills from the initial boot camp session.

With the pandemic, and uncertainties about what school will look like in the fall, solid executive functioning skills are vital to successful academic functioning. The boot camp will help children and teens to learn tools to help navigate remote learning, a hybrid model, as well as adjust to changing educational modalities, should their school change at varying times between in-person, remote, and hybrid learning formats. 



Executive functioning deficits can affect individuals in many ways including the following:


Make it difficult to plan ahead


Leads to poor time management skills


Affects organization abilities


Negatively impacts school performance


Can cause symptoms related to anxiety, depression, and other issues



These are just a few examples of skills that may be covered during the boot camp based on individual needs:


Help making a plan for navigating remote learning or a hybrid model

Tools to develop a healthy amount of structure 

Assistance planning out how to complete long-term assignments


Help prioritizing daily homework assignments


Assistance using apps and other tools to become better organized


Tips to reduce distractions


Strategies for rising college freshmen on preparing a schoolwork completion plan


Help implementing structure into daily schedule to improve time management/organization


Assistance with time management skills to help children, teens, or young adults complete chores/tasks in a timely manner such as laundry, cleaning, and other non-school related items


If your child, teen, or young adult needs additional assistance implementing these strategies following the boot camp, additional follow up sessions can be scheduled. For more information or to schedule a boot camp session for your child, teen, or young adult, please contact The Heller Psychology Group at 301-385-2610 or