ADHD/Executive Functioning Coaching Services

ADHD Heller psychology group Bethesda Maryland
ADHD Heller Psychology Group Bethesda Maryland
ADHD Heller Psychology Group Bethesda Maryland
ADHD coaching heller psychology group Bethesda Maryland

Many individuals with ADHD and/or executive functioning deficits (i.e.,trouble with time management, organization, etc.) need assistance with learning how to better manage their time, keep their physical materials/electronic files organized, and learn how to study effectively. At the same time, many individuals with these issues experience low self-esteem, resistance to change, low frustration tolerance, or other difficulties in addition to ADHD/executive functioning deficits that impede their ability to effectively manage their difficulties.  This is especially likely given the large role that emotion regulation plays in executive functioning. 


As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Heller provides ADHD/executive functioning coaching within the context of individual treatment. His mental health background and ability to address co-morbid anxiety, stress, and other items that impact functioning along with executive function deficits set him apart from many other professionals who conduct coaching services. Furthermore, Dr. Heller's ability to look at time management, organizational, and study skills from a psychological perspective (i.e., understanding brain functioning, memory, motivation) enhances his ability to help individuals improve their overall functioning. 


Here are some examples of things that would be addressed with coaching:


-    Help setting up and implementing homework plan to ensure successful completion of daily and long-term  


-    Assistance learning and following through on breaking long-term assignments into parts

-    General assistance with time management

-    Help with organization of physical materials (i.e., binders, folders, backpack)

-    Assistance with organization of computer files

-    Learning how to study effectively based on individual's areas of strength and limitation as well as learning style

-    Help using specific apps to manage time, keep organized, etc.

-    Assistance improving follow through on completion of chores, etc. at home

-    Addressing any underlying difficulties with self-esteem, anxiety, or other issues that are impacting functioning

-    Assistance managing symptoms associated with ADHD that are impeding functioning

While sessions are fully tailored to meet the individual needs of each person, here is an example of what a session might look like:
-    Go over planner, online portal, and review current and upcoming assignments. 
-    Work on planning out tasks for the next week. 
-    Focus on anxiety or other specific issues that are occurring.
-    Go over specific tools to improve attention, study skills, organization, etc.
-    Write up tools collaboratively with Dr. Heller and store the document in a suitable place electronically or in paper form for easy reference later. 

Dr. Heller's approach to this form of treatment is somewhat unique. While there is definitely a strong focus on specific practical strategies, he takes a collaborative approach with individuals to help them develop insight and tools themselves to make changes in their life. This helps them become more invested in the process. A strong focus on the process involved in these skills is important for long-term change as well as being able to effectively adapt time management and organizational skills over time as the demands of the environment change (i.e., going off to college, functioning in the workplace). Furthermore, as a psychologist, Dr. Heller is able to address underlying issues that are impeding one's ability to take steps to improve their time management, organizational, study skills, etc. Finally, follow through and sustaining changes is often one of the most difficult things to do, and great focus is given to facilitating success with this.


Concerning what to expect, Dr. Heller tailors his approach to each individual that he works with based on what they need. If one has had previous testing completed, he will review evaluations and use that information to assist in developing interventions. As a clinician who also does testing, Dr. Heller is very knowledgeable in how to translate testing findings into real world interventions. He is also happy to collaborate with professionals that an individual currently works with such as a psychiatrist, therapist, speech and language therapist, tutor, etc. to help ensure the most effective treatment. Furthermore, Dr. Heller is happy to collaborate with teachers, counselors, etc. at school as appropriate.