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Do you or your child/teen:
Struggle with time management and planning?
Have trouble keeping track of homework assignments?
Struggle to complete tasks?
Have difficulty focusing?
Get anxious or overwhelmed easily? 
Get frustrated or angry frequently?
These and other difficulties can greatly impede one's general functioning, happiness, and sense of life satisfaction. Sometimes seeking help can be difficult, both emotionally and in terms of figuring out how to get the necessary assistance.
Our clinicians are able to help you or your child/teen with a variety of issues. We offer formal testing (i.e., psychoeducational/psychological) to identify the cause of difficulties such as ADHD and learning disabilities. In addition, the practice offers psychotherapy as well as ADHD/executive functioning coaching services. 
ADHD executive functioning

We are centrally located in Bethesda just outside of downtown. We are down the street from I-495 and I-270, next to the Davis Public Library and near Montgomery Mall.

Our office is housed in the Democracy Medical Center office complex, which is a town home style office setting that allows for the convenience of easy parking right in front of the office.​

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6320 Democracy Blvd

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